Are there any side effects from the medications you use?

All the medications used in the treatment are FDA approved. The patient will be on a regimen of Naltrexone following the procedure. Naltrexone is FDA approved and has been used for decades. Naltrexone has shown no serious side effects.

How long will I take the medication after the procedure?

The answer for this question can only be determined during the actual treatment. Each patient's needs differ; it's depending on the level of his/her opiate addiction. If Naltrexone is properly prescribed by the physician, it will effectively prevent and have a reversal effect on cravings. The main reason for the maintenance dose is to keep the patient's opiate receptors in the brain blocked against opiates (i.e. Heroin, Methadone etc.), to eliminate the cravings or the psychological need for opiates, allowing the patient to resume a healthy and productive life.

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