ANR Treatment Advantages

The advantages of ANR treatment over traditional and rapid detox programs are as follows:


Other alternative treatment and rapid detox methods use a standard treatment for each patient. As the number of receptors differ from patient to patient, this often leads to severe side effects and in some cases, fatality. ANR tailors the treatment to each individual patient, thereby negating any of the unpleasant side effects.

Team of Expert Psychiatrists / Anesthesiologist

Most rapid detox procedures are carried out by Physicians who are not trained to perform UROD, they remain at the patient side for a very short period of time using sedation instead of anesthesia. Therefore, many will not even perform intubations as a safety measure to prevent aspiration that can lead to death. ANR recognizes that a major element of the treatment is the anesthesia and is therefore, carried out only by trained ICU physicians and highly qualified anesthetists. On hand there is a pool of expert help, including cardiologists and renal physicians, enabling us to treat patients with additional complications such as heart disease and renal problems.


Alternative rapid detox programs are carried out in clinics, without access to a hospital immediate and full range of on-site medical facilities. The ANR method recognizes that this is a major medical procedure and carries out the treatment in a state-of-the-art Psychiatric Hospital. There are ICU facilities and a dedicated unit for the procedure, with access to all the essential medical equipment, required to treat even the most complex conditions.

Follow-Up Treatment

By establishing a new regulation between receptors and endorphins, due to the individually tailored treatments, patients regain immediate psychological stability, unlike any other type of treatment. Therefore, negating the need for any opiate substitutes and expensive follow up counseling, required to help deal with the psychological cravings.

No Replacement Opiate Treatment

Some detox procedures treat opiate addiction with replacement-opiate drugs, such as Methadone or Suboxone (Subutex). This form of treatment includes opiates, which can often lead to dependency, craving and withdrawal.


Rather than spending months in traditional rehabilitation, patients can return to a normal life within a matter of days.