ANR Treatment Overview

ANR Treatment Centre in Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

ANR Treatment Overview

Step by step

Every patient is assessed and provided medication by the doctor to allow them a comfortable and calm pre-hospitalization.

Patients are hospitalized in our ANR unit in Jalandhar. They undergo laboratory screening and clinical examination before being medicated to allow a comfortable induction into the sedation stage.

Gradual sedation stage:

  • Patients are induced and brought into a deep sleep stage for a period of 3 to 4 hours.
  • During this period, opioid receptors will be blocked and the withdrawal syndrome will occur.
  • Patients will be kept asleep and are constantly monitored and assisted throughout the procedure.

Patients awake from the sedation and are assisted through the night.

Morning after / Recovery period:

Early in the morning, we begin the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment; a daily regimen of Naltrexone will be followed thereafter. Patients are encouraged to eat and drink, slowly returning to general physical activities.

Upon discharge, patients are no longer dependent, the withdrawal syndrome is over, and the Naltrexone regimen has begun.

Naltrexone medication will keep the opioid receptors blocked and cravings will become irrelevant. Patients will return to healthy and productive lives. The length of the post-ANR Naltrexone treatment will be established solely by our team according to the specific needs of each patient.

Every patient receives the treatment under the personal supervision of Dr. Sarbjit Singh, Dr. Ashmeet Singh and Dr. Avnish Bhagat.

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